high quality design component


Making use of a modern and equipped department, 
with 15  Koepfer hobbings the NUOVA PROFILMEC 
is able to produce toothings precision 
even in large series. 
The expertise and professionalism 
of the staff complete the characteristics 
of the company.


- Teeth of spur gears from mod. 0.3 
to mod. 5 to diam. 500 mm

- Teeth of helical gears from mod. 0.3
to mod. 3 up to diam. 200 mm

- Teeth of worms and worm wheels

Since 1975...
NUOVA PROFILMEC SRL - Via Dante Sommaruga n.17/A - 21040 - Carnago (VA) - Tel. 0331/311414 Fax 0331/1814170